English Books Authored By Ven. Dr. P. Gnanarama Anu-Nayaka Mahāthera

  • An Approach to Buddhist Social Philosophy

  • The Mission Accomplished

  • Aspects of Buddhist Sociological Thought

  • Essentials of Buddhist Philosophy

  • The Therapeutic Value of Loving Kindness

  • The Woman’s Social Role Redefined

  • The Buddhism on Human Dignity

  • Bhikkuni Sanghamitta

  • Glimpses of Buddhist Wisdom

  • Blueprint of Free Inquiry and Personal Verification

  • The Charter for an Ideal Society

  • Socio Religious significance of Buddhist chanting

English Book Authored By Ven. M. Pannaloka Mahāthera

  • Friends & Friendship 

English Book Authored By Ven. R. Ananda Thera

  • The Manual of Buddhist Devotions

English Book Authored By Professor Oliver Abeynayake

  • Fundamentals of Buddhist Polity 

Other Publications  

  • Daily Pūjā

  • Poya Pūjā

  • Children Pūjā 

  • Paritta Chants for Special Blessings

  • Maranānussati


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Bhante Gnanarama's 80th Birthday 2011
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