History of Ti-Sarana Buddhist Association

The Association was founded in 1976, with the objective of teaching and spreading the Dhamma to the English speaking Buddhist Community in Singapore. Its origin goes back to 85-A Marine Parade where its first Shrine Hall was inaugurated on 01 April 1978, and the subsequent arrival of its first Religious Advisor, Ven Bellanwila Dhammaratana Mahāthera, from Sri Lanka. Ti-Sarana (Buddhist) Sunday Dhamma School was registered in April 1977 with the purpose of providing an avenue for lay- Buddhists to learn and experience the Teachings of the Buddha. In 1980 the Association decided to expand its premises and embarked on the purchase of the property at 90, Duku Road, which is the current premises of TBA.
Through the generous support of its members and devotees, funds were raised for this acquisition. The new premises was officially declared opened by the Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda Nāyaka Mahāthera (Chief High Priest of Malaysia and Singapore) in December 1980. To cater to the increased activities and members, the premises (then a single storey zinc roof bungalow ) was re-developed in 1988 into a modern 3-storey terrace house which stands today as the pride of TBA. The building was further extended in 2000 to cater to more activities of the Association.  The newly enlarged building with the renovated Shrine Hall and Relic Chamber was completed in 2001. 

It was officially opened on 22nd April 2001 (B.E. 2541) by the Ven. Bellana Sri Gnanawimala Mahā Nāyakathera, (Chief Sangha Nayaka of the Kotte Chapter of Sri Lanka), the Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda Nāyaka Mahāthera (Chief Sangha Nayaka of Malaysia & Singapore) and the Ven. D. Sangharatana Nāyaka Mahāthera (Chief Sangha Nāyaka of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka).


In its history, the Association has had the honour of playing host to many well known Buddhist monks and nuns. The list includes names like:

  • The Most Ven.  Aggamahapandita  Balangoda Ānanda Mathriya MahāNāyakathera, (Amarapura Sri Kalyana Vamsa Nikāya
  • The Most Ven.  Bellana Sri Gnanawimala Mahā Nāyakathera,
    (Chief Sangha Nāyaka of the Kotte Chapter of Sri Lanka)
  • The Most Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda Nāyaka Mahāthera  
    (Chief High Priest of Both Singapore and Malaysia)
  • The Most Ven.  D. Sangharatana Nāyaka Mahāthera     
    (Chief Sangha Nāyaka of Southern Province of Sri Lanka)
  • The Most Ven. Dr. Walpola Rāhula Mahāthera           
    A renowned Buddhist Scholar
  • The Most Ven. Nārada Mahāthera     
    A renowned Buddhist Scholar

  • The Most Ven. M. M. Mahāweera Mahāthera
    Mangala Vihara [Buddhist Temple]

  • The Most Ven.  Pak Auk Sayadaw U Acinna Mahāthera          
    (Pak Auk Forest Monastery - Myanmar)

  • The Most Ven. Ajahn Brahmavamso Mahāthera          
    (Abbot - Bodhinyana Monastery – Australia)

  • The Most Ven Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo 
    (Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery – India)

Profile of TBA’s Religious Advisors

Ven Dr. Pategama Gnanarama  Anu-Nayaka Mahāthera(Ph.D.; D. Litt.)

Ven Dr. P. Gnanarama Mahāthera, has been the resident monk and Chief Religious Advisor to Ti-Sarana Buddhist Association since 1993. He is a well-acclaimed Buddhist scholar in the academic world with many English and Sinhala publications to his credit. A graduate of University of Ceylon and University of London, he holds the distinction of two post-graduate degrees from Sri Jayawardhanapura University of Sri Lanka and University of Magadh, India and was conferred the title of Doctor of Letters by the Buddhist & Pali Univerisity of Sri Lanka in August 2009.

He is the principal of Buddhist and Pali College of Singapore. He is also the Chief Incumbent of Purvārama Buddhist Temple at Gunasinghapura, Colombo 12, Director, Vidyaniketa Monastic College and President of Sri Lanka-German Fellowship which runs the Orphanage, Isura Lamasevana, Makola, Sri Lanka.


Ven. Welipitiye Ratanasiri Mahāthera (M.A.)

Ordained at a tender age of ten years, Bhante Ratanasiri attended Kitulewela Maha Pirivena, and Weherahena Pirivena for monastic education and later joined the Vidyalankara Buddhist and Pali college and graduated at Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka. He did his postgraduate MA degree at Delhi University, India. Ven W. Ratanasiri Mahāthera took up the role of resident monk and Religious Advisor of Ti-Sarana Buddhist Association in 1991 with the blessings of his master, Ven D. Sangharathana Nāyaka Mahāthera, the Chief Incumbent of  Purvārama  Rajamaha Viharaya, Weherahena, Matara.

Ven. Ratanasiri has been instrumental in the association’s development and progress since his appointment. Since his arrival in Singapore, he has been firmly focused on the task of spreading the Dhamma and doing welfare work for the less privileged in society. He is also the Chairman of the Metta Social Services Foundation and Metta Youth Centre, Matara, Sri Lanka that are committed to providing social and welfare services to the local community.


Ven. Ridiyagama  Ānanda Thera (M.A.) 

Ven R. Ānanda Thera had his ordination in 1986 and received the Higher Ordination in 1997. Bhante Ānanda was educated at Sri Kawantissa Maha Pirivena, Tissamaharama and graduated from the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. He also holds the post-graduate degree from Buddhist & Pali University of Sri Lanka and a Diploma in Buddha Dhamma from the International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University of Yangon, Myanmar. Bhante Ānanda has served as an assistant principal of a Monastic College in Sri Lanka.  His master is Ven. Dr. Dewalegama Dhammasena Nāyaka Mahāthera of Tissamaharama Rajamaha Viharaya Temple in Sri Lanka.


Ti-Sarana Buddhist Association Management Committee Members

(For 2012/2014)                    

Chief Resident Monk Ven. Dr. Pategama Gnanarama Anu-Nayaka Mahāthera
Resident Monks Ven. Welipitiye Ratanasiri Mahāthera
  Ven.Ridiyagama  Ānanda Thera


President Bro Khemaka David Chew
Vice President Bro Upatissa Lee Kwok Lim
Hon. Secretary Sis Patricia Wong
Asst Secretary Bro Vipula Chow  Kia Wah
Asst Secretary Sis. Lina Koh
Hon. Treasurer Sis Bhadda Rebecca Lim
Asst Treasurer Bro. Upali Alex Tay
Asst Treasurer Sis Khemā Tay Sim Geok
Librarian Bro Lau Kim Koon
Hon. Sports & Recreational  Supervisor Bro Andrew Gan
Welfare Sub-Committee  Chairman Bro Hemanta Alvin Yeo

Committee Members


Sis. Sumana Helen Mei Oi Leen
Sis. Dolly Goh Hwee Ling
Bro. Senaka Tan Kok Eng
Bro. Bandhu Richard Wong
Sis. Lilian Tan
Sis. Susila Loo Suan Neo (co-opted)


The Significance of the Symbol and Motto Behind TBA’s Logo


Wheel with eight spokes representing the “First Sermon – Four Noble Truths and Noble Eightfold Path – Wheel of Life” preached by Lord Buddha Gotama.

Representing one of the 108 marks on the foot of Lord Buddha Gotama.

Representing Purity and Enlightened Person.

Representing Precious Gem – a Virtuous Buddhist is like a Precious Jewel.

Representing Intelligent Buddhists.



Loving Kindness
Sympathic Joy