A Saying of the Buddha:

Anupubbena Medhāvi
thoka thokan khane khane
Kammā ro rajatass’ eva
niddhame malam’ attano

By degrees, little by little, from time to time, a wise person should remove his own impurities, as a smith removes the dross of silver.

(Dhammapada 239 Mala Vagga)


We are a Theravada-based Buddhist organisation and practise the Sri-Lankan tradition of Buddhism.

OUR VISION is to propagate and practise the Teachings of the Buddha.

OUR MISSION is to promote Buddhism for the benefit of all by:

  • Conducting Dhamma classes, Dhamma talks, Lectures and discussions;
    printing and publishing Buddhist literature and maintaining a library of
    Buddhist books and publications.

  • Observing and performing the following celebrations including Poya days
    (New Moon & Full Moon Service); Special Overnight Chanting Service on
    New Year’s Eve, Lunar New Year Blessing Service, Pagoda Lamps of Blessing;
    Vesak, Kathina, Qing Ming and Ullambana Services (Lunar Seventh Month Festival).

  • Rendering and performing Buddhist religious services voluntarily and
    free-of-charge to members and devotees.  These services include
    Blessing for the home; Blessing for birthday; Blessing for wedding;
    Blessing for the sick and elderly; Transference of merit to the departed and at
    the funeral.

Providing welfare services to people in Singapore and other countries as determined on a case-to-case basis

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